TBSCo. launches exciting 3-year project

The Big Show Co. is embarking on an exciting three-year project – and it involves YOU. Yes, we are proud to announce the beginning of a profound interactive dance-theater initiative entitled, The Collective Memory Project with performances based on your memories. Using our signature blend of dance, theater, text, music, and visual imagery, The Big Show Co. will create a series of inclusive, highly personal performances where veteran, audience and performer memories are activated and reimagined to create communal experiences.

The Collective Memory Project explores the creative act of memory-making. The performances engage with “actual” memories and re-embody them through movement, time, space and visual imagery. The work examines memory's effects through time, the agency of remembrance and forgetting, and investigates aspects of the past by which the present is always haunted. By utilizing artistic relationships to illuminate memory association, repetition and reappearance, as well as forms of "active" forgetting, this new work reveals an essential performativity in the aesthetic and art of memory.

The Big Show Co. is proud to partner with the LA-based non-profit organization, Veterans in Film and Television, to produce Memory Writing Workshops where we to gather original source text from veterans to be used in The Big Show Co.'s performances. In addition, the workshops support veterans refine their memories to fully developed individual stories for public readings. This project culminates in a large-scale LA performance season that may include veterans on stage with The Big Show Co.

We invite you to (literally) be a part of this innovative project by: sharing your memories via e-mail or voice mail, by attending our upcoming project launch party, by following our journey on facebook/twitter/instagram and thebigshowco.com, and by CONTRIBUTING TO MAKE IT POSSIBLE.

Quick Links:

Email us your memories: arianne@thebigshowco.com

Leave us a voice mail memory: 323-484-MOVE (6683)

Contribute to this project! www.thebigshowco.com/donate

Arianne MacBean